My name is Eric. I purchased a 4-16×50 AO IGR from you a couple of years ago. I would like to tell you a short story regarding your scope’s performance during a recent elk hunting trip to Colorado.

This past October I was elk hunting up near the Continental Divide in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. I had my Mueller scope mounted to a Browning A-Bolt 7mm Rem Mag. I was carrying the rifle over my shoulder on a sling because at the time I was riding a mule. I got off the mule at the creek to give the poor thing a break. I was also leading another mule down to the creek as well. Wouldn’t you know that as I got between the mules, one lead rope got wrapped around my gun and the mule bolted. In the ensuing milliseconds, my rifle was ripped off my back and went crashing down onto the rocks, SCOPE FIRST!! I reached down, grabbed the gun and examined the scope. External damage was heartbreaking. The illuminator knob was almost crushed, and a series of deep scratches went from end to end. I could also see judging by the scope ring marks, that the whole scope got pushed up toward the bell by almost 1/4 inch. My hunt hadn’t even started and my gun was most definitely royally screwed… at least I thought. When I arrived at our high altitude campsite, I found a can sized rock perched against a slope, that best guess, was about 250 yards away. I loaded the gun, found an old deadfall, got myself comfortable, and fired the shot.

The rock disappeared into a mist.

Congratulations for making such an outstanding piece of hunting equipment. Let me know when the bow sight comes out, I want one!

Eric Eutsler

Salisbury, Maryland USA