Mueller 4-16×50AO Tactical

The mil-dot reticle in Mueller’s new Tactical Series Riflescope provides an accurate and versatile system for rangefinding and calculating long range bullet trajectory with true mil-dot calculations based of the scope being set on 8×. The mil-dot reticle offers multiple aimpoints that can also be used for bullet drop or windage compensation. Mueller even utilized a glass-etched reticle, which allows the shooter to illuminate the entire center portion of the reticle for accurate shot placement, during low light conditions. All Mueller Tactical scopes are Nitrogen Filled and are warterproof, fogproof, and shockproof.

Why Use a Mil-Dot Reticle?

There are two basic reasons that people purchase optics with a mil-dot reticle. The first is to estimate range, and the second is the ability to accurately compensate for wind or bullet drop. This reticle is extremely versatile, and when properly used will allow the shooter to accurately engage and hit targets at ranges previously thought impossible.

See Actual Photo Taken Through The 4-16×50 Tactical Scope.

 Dots are spaced in one mil (milliradian) increments on the crosshair. One useful way to use this reticle is by creating a chart that is based on the size of the object being targeted. By looking through the scope you can bracket the object between dots, and refer to the chart for an estimated distance to target.

During normal daylight conditions the reticle has a standard black Mil Dot reticle. For low light conditions the center portion of the reticle can be illuminated Red and fine tuned with 11 brightness intensity levels.


  • Euro Coated: Fully multi-coated camera-quality crystal lenses for superior brightness and contrast
  • Large diameter ocular lens for wider field of view
  • All-weather, high-torque power change ring
  • Minimum Parallax settting 15yds
  • Fast-focus eyebell
  • Eleven (11) brightness intensity settings for the illuminated reticle
  • 1/8-inch fine-tune, windage and elevation adjustments with audible click stops and easy fingertip turrets; no tools required
  • Overall length: 14.53 inches
  • 1-inch tube construction with matte black finish to minimize glare
  • One-piece tube Construction
  • Battery Type CR2032



Part # MT41650IGR
Eye Relief 3.25″
Length 14.5″
Weight 20.9 oz.
Tube Size 1.0″
Color Matte Black
Lenses Fully Multi-Coated
Magnification 4 – 16 × power
Objective 50 mm
F.O.V. 30.6 – 7.5 feet @ 100 yards
Parallax 15 Yard Min
Click Value 1/8 M.O.A. (40″ @ 100yds over-all on both W/E)